About Us

We know your customers, and - more importantly - know where to find them and how to reach them. Whether it is through editorial print coverage or communicating directly with them on Twitter, AXP Interactive exposes more customers to your campaigns in the right place, at the right time.

Our account teams consist of persistent, experienced people whose biggest strength is achieving results in both mainstream and social advertising - ultimately helping you achieve your goal in the vast world of advertising. We make your ad campaign.

Lost in Marketing?

Lost in the world of online marketing? Let us change that. We make you more money. We will find new customers by reaching people who are looking specifically for your products and services.

With certain programs you will only pay when people click you ad, with no minimum. With our advanced software your ads will only reach people who are looking for your specific product and services.


Great team to work with. Super Fast Payments. I use them for three sites I have and haven't been happier in the past decade.

R. Williamson, Blitz Media

Easy from the start. Great communication with little to no hassle to get started. Great for beginners like me!

Brian Gaskamp, Toy Zone

Patient with my questions, quick with my payments. Couldn't ask for a less stressful relationship. Thanks AXP.

Linda Swanson, St. Andrews